Saturday, May 12, 2007

Thank you, faculty colleagues.

When I grew up, trophies were not handed out to everyone. We were not viewed as delicate children in that we predated the self-esteem movement. Awards and trophies had to be attained the old fashioned way, by earning them. As a sophomore, I was a member of our high school baseball team which won the conference and district trophies, not that I contributed much to our great season. As a senior, I was a member of our high school basketball team which won the conference championship trophy, again, not that I provided much on-court prowess. Besides these three, I do not remember having a part in winning any other trophy.

As valedictorian of my high school graduating class I did not receive either a trophy or a pin. Nor was there any mention of either the valedictorian or salutatorian in the commencement program, not even a press release. Our principal had decided that the year I graduated there should be one "class speaker" elected by the whole class instead of having the traditional valedictory and salutatory addresses awarded to those who achieved those honors. So, I missed out on commendation, even though I had achieved the highest honors of my graduating class. At the time, I was actually relieved because my natural inclination was to retreat from public view. Even if the speech I might have written would have been worthy of public delivery, my delivery would not have been up to expectations. Since high school days, this introvert has changed a bit, if I say so myself.

Along the way, I have received honors, such as magna cum laude upon receiving my B.A. and my M.Div. and summa cum laude upon receiving my Th.M. All these awards, however, were awards that others achieved at the same time, so I did not stand out from the crowd.

The award that I received on April 24, 2007, is the award that stands out the most for me, thus far, in my career either as a student or as a professor. I am deeply humbled and grateful to have received the award of "Excellence in Scholarship" for the year 2007. It is an award of recognition given by my faculty colleagues who are all scholars in their own right. Among my colleagues at Northwestern College, one can hardly achieve the faculty award for "Excellence in Scholarship" and be an achiever in scholarship divorced from outstanding character and reputation, also. Christian character is an integral and essential quality for any faculty member to be awarded such an honor. Thus, it is particularly gratifying to receive the award this year because it reflects a strong vote of confidence at a time that I have most needed the support, endorsement, and acclaim of my faculty colleagues. My colleagues know and understand whereof I speak.

Thank you, dear colleagues! I am greatly humbled by your generous and gracious honoring of my achievements in scholarship.

For announcement of the award, among other awards listed, including awards for achievement among our students, look here. My Teaching Assistant, Brooks Waldron, received the Department of Biblical & Theological Studies Award in Ancient Classical Languages. Congratulations, Brooks! Congratulations to my faculty colleagues Dr. Randy Nelson for attaining the "Excellence in Service" award and Dr. Cheryl Kelley for her achieving the "Excellence in Teaching" award.
Our granddaughter, Anna, joins me for a picture in my office.


Ieremias said...

Congratulations, Dr. Caneday!

I am glad to see Northwestern College has acknowledged your diligent, persistent, God-honoring study in the Scriptures over the years. I, for one, am very grateful for the way you seek to "rightly handle God's Word." Your classes and your personal counsel are very much appreciated. May God continue to give you grace as you teach and study for the upcoming years.

All praise to him!

A. B. Caneday said...


Thanks. You're very kind.

2e said...

Congratulations, Dr. Caneday! I am not surprised.

Michael F. Bird said...

Mate, congratulations!

txandmn0707 said...

Congrats, Dr. Caneday!
Northwestern College is fortunate to have such a scholar! Moreover, I was fortunate to have taken your Biblical Theology class. Thanks for revealing the righteousness, holiness and redemption of Christ through your scholarship.


Mathaetaes said...

Congratulations indeed! Isn't our God encouraging? He brings along just enough to keep us going in the hard times (and brings us enough flak to keep us humble, too). Blessings.

A. B. Caneday said...


You're so right. Sorrow and blessing are both tools the Lord uses to shape us into Christ's likeness.

Anonymous said...


I am delighted to see that you have been recognized for this honor that reflects your zeal for the truth and students of the Word. I am the grateful recipient of much sacrificial and godly discipleship on your part. Thank you and congratulations!