Saturday, November 28, 2009

Political Correctness Will Destroy Our Nation. It already is.

Within the past two weeks I have taken two airline flights. When I was being processed by TSA agents in the Minneapolis airport I noticed that the agent viewing bags via the x-ray machine flagged a bag to be hand inspected. It was not my bag, fortunately this time. It turned out to be a bag belonging to a Middle Eastern man. Before he arrived at the inspection desk, the TSA agent put on her gloves in preparation to give the bag a thorough inspection. However, as the man approached the desk her entire demeanor suddenly changed. Had it been my bag (I speak from much experience.), she would have rifled through the bag, removing numerous items for close inspection, even probably with chemicals. However, she adopted a demeanor of deference, even an obsequious posture, stumbling all over herself as she tried extra hard to be as nice and sweet as possible. I watched as she began to unzip the bag but suddenly stopped and zipped the bag closed again as the gentleman stepped to the inspection table. Instead, she spoke apologetically to him as if she were inconveniencing him needlessly. Thus, the gentleman went on his way entirely unencombered or delayed by the inconvenience of a thorough bag search. For the TSA agent merely handed the bag to the man after failing to inspect it after it had been flagged by the x-ray machine operator. This is not at all reassuring. Thanks to PC.

So, with this fresh upon my mind, the following brief essay is very apropos.

Diversity: An Ideology

George Seaver Web Exclusive

Most reasonable people have now recognized that Major Nidal Malik Hasan's actions in the Fort Hood massacre were not caused by pre-post-traumatic stress, by bullying, or by mental troubles, but were in accordance with his religious beliefs. Yet too many commentators resorted to the inadequate terms of political correctness to try and explain the event. What gives PC its pervasiveness, persistence, and power to influence behavior?

The influence of politically correct ideology was demonstrated by the senior Army General and Army Chief of Staff George Casey, when he stated that "as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that's worse." He then ordered his commanders to be alert for anti-Muslim actions in their troops, as did the secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano. This attitude is larger than this event, and so deserves a comprehensive investigation.

It is well known that political correctness has pervaded the academic world, as documented in literature and demonstrated by well-publicized speech codes, harassment policies, and postmodern curricula. What is not well known is that the same attitude also permeates the military, the FBI, and the CIA.

Read the whole essay.

Also, read "National Security Threatened by Devotion to Diversity."

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Eric said...

You're dead right about PC being the undoing of nations (you mention the US, but here in Australia it is the same). Part of the cause, I think, is that thought leaders: journalists, politicians, commentators, etc. do not really understand religious belief. Being 'cool agnostics' they think, I think, that religion is a nice set of options that decorate life, failing to understand that for Muslims, Christians, Hindus and all the rest, that religion subsumes all else. They just don't get it and therefore fail to appreciate the zeal and commitment of the religious, no matter what religion.