Friday, December 01, 2006

A Brilliant Essay

This is a busy time of the academic term, given that we are now into the last weeks of the semester. Consequently, attention to my blog has flagged. In absence of my less than stellar blog entries, I commend a brilliant essay by Victor Davis Hanson, “Losing the Enlightenment: A Civilization that has lost confidence in itself cannot confront Islamists,” WSJ (November 29, 2006).

Here is one of of several favorite quotes from his splendid essay: "Nothing is worse than an elite that demands egalitarianism for others but ensures privilege for itself."


Anonymous said...

As the Lord raised up many nations to challenge Israel, I tend to believe that the Lord has raised up the Muslims to challenge our complacency and to put off the weight of materialism so as to follow Christ more fully.

ofthalmos said...

Reason is lost when those suspicious of Muslims praying before a flight, asking for seat-belt extensions and sitting in terrorist formation in a post 9-11 world are accused of ignorance while the Muslims practicing such things are regarded as misunderstood.