Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Now the Stone "casts doubt on death and resurrection of Jesus"

Here is a follow-up on my previous entry, "Stone Incites Debate over Jesus." This story pushes the alleged evidence ever further than the previous story. Now the alleged evidence "casts doubt on death and resurrection of Jesus" simply by asserting doubt in the opening paragraph.

The death and resurrection of Christ has been called into question by a radical new interpretation of a tablet found on the eastern bank of the Dead Sea.

The three-foot stone tablet appears to refer to a Messiah who rises from the grave three days after his death - even though it was written decades before the birth of Jesus.

The ink is badly faded on much of the tablet, known as Gabriel’s Vision of Revelation, which was written rather than engraved in the 1st century BC. This has led some experts to claim that the inscription has been overinterpreted.

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