Monday, November 22, 2010

Kindergarten Kommunism Kops

Because America's governing officials have been actually fallen for the foolish notion that scanning airplane passengers by looking for potential terrorists by way of profiling is inherently racist, they have refused to implement the effective security program made famous by El Al and have insisted upon using the really dumb Kindergarten Kommunism style approach to airline security. Instead of spending public tax dollars efficiently with minimal intrusion into individual's privacy, TSA officials, otherwise known to me as Kindergarten Kommunism Kops, under the supervision of Big Sis Janet Napolitano of the Department of Homeland Security (newspeak terminology), subject American citizens to Kindergarten Kommunism, the kindergarten teacher's philosophy of punishing everyone for the misbehavior of one. 

Out of stupidity and for fear of being charged with and sued for profiling for real terrorists, instead they terrorize everyone equally by subjecting us all alike to invasive federal government searches as we stand in line waiting for TSA officers, recipients of one of Amerika's largest Public Works Programs (or Pogrom, if you prefer), to wield their tyrannical power over us. These Kindergarten Kommunism Kops, of course, are hardly to blame, for they, like the low level members of the SS, are just doing their jobs as ordered by those above them. Their job is to distribute misery equally to everyone by subjugating everyone alike to suspicion of criminality, to invasive searches and pat-downs, to the loss of liberty, and to being herded like cattle Jews through their extravagantly expensive show of force that is little more than a placebo designed to appease the consciences of our governing officials and to reassure the gullible among us that they are actually effectively protecting us from terrorists.

I traveled last week to Atlanta, Georgia. Fortunately, in Atlanta I did not encounter the Strip-Search Beast operated by the Kindergarten Kommunism Kops. I saw the Beast, but the report I heard was that they decided not to implement the Beast because of the public outcry. If I were traveling this Wednesday, I would eagerly participate in the protest against the KKK Beast and compel a KKK officer to pat me down in search of those notoriously evasive weapons that I allegedly carry on my person and which again, allegedly I have so surreptitiously concealed.

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