Saturday, December 18, 2010

"A Tree of Knowledge." But, It Looks Just Like a Christmas Tree!

What's the old saying? "Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery"? Given my entry yesterday concerning Exmas and Crissmas, here is a fitting story.

OLYMPIA — With little fanfare or complaints, Seattle Atheists have erected a decorated tree and a sign on the Capitol campus in honor of not-Christmas.

A tree? As in, a Christmas Tree?

Not exactly. The group calls it “A Tree of Knowledge” — although it’s unclear if they’re unaware of the Biblical implications of such a title, or co-opting it.

But their tree looks suspiciously like a Christmas Tree, considering it’s about a 6-foot conifer with decorations hanging from the boughs. No toys or angels or smiley snowmen for the atheists, however. Their decorations consist of pictures of famous scientists like Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein, covers for books like “Cosmos” and a small copy of the Periodic Table of Elements. (I know what you’re thinking: These atheists sure know how to trim a tree!)

And, of course there’s a sign. If you can’t read it on the photo above, it’s reproduced inside the blog.

In case anyone’s wondering, there is no Nativity Scene on the Capitol Campus at this point. The Catholic League was faxed the standard form for campus displays that every group must submit, but the group hasn’t yet responded, Steve Valandra of state General Administration said. So far, the creche remains in the GA vault, awaiting the form or a request to send it back to the league.

Not sure if this qualifies as a salvo in the war on Christmas or not.


Stan said...

When a Christmas antagonist refuses to take the day off, refuses to buy gifts, refuses to recognize the holiday, refuses in any way to recognize Christmas, I'll take their protest seriously. Until then ...

abcaneday said...


Anonymous said...

When a Christmas warrior refuses to put up a tree, buy gifts or send cards, I'll believe that it is something other than a secular festival.

Can I have an Amen?! ;)