Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Australian Jim Wallace, Not the American Jim Wallis

Greens are attacking religious freedom

by Jim Wallace

THE move by the Greens to give territories as small as Norfolk Island the power to set legislative precedents on social issues such as euthanasia and gay marriage is an attempt by gay-green activists to render us all the same.

During more than 40 years of pursuing its objectives, the homosexual lobby has trumpeted its differences. "Queer" and "proud" were calls to include homosexual lifestyle in the diversity that is modern Australia.

But now the tactic has changed. Not only do they want to be the same as everyone else, they're not prepared to suffer diversity in anyone else, particularly if it is religiously inspired.

The latest target has been religious freedom. Admittedly they don't discriminate - anyone's religious freedom will do.

Churches are portrayed as wantonly discriminatory for refusing to employ someone who doesn't subscribe to their values. So might any corporation, particularly after the money spent on defining corporate values.

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I wish that Jim Wallis would have the understanding of Jim Wallace.

I’m glad Jim Wallace understands the strategy of “multiculturalism and diversity” that, when necessary, morphs to take on its new form of the Green Movement and Sustainability Movement. Actually, multiculturalists and diversiphiles always planned to render everyone the same; their social engineering has always been designed to make everyone in their own image. It’s their way of playing God. Multiculturalists have always had in view the imposition of a single culture, their own. Their whole agenda is cloaked in a ruse, “multi-culturalism” when it should be “uni-culturalism.” Diversocrats have always had as their agenda the expulsion of bona fide diversity and the socially engineered imposition of sameness, everything after their own likeness, which is their way of playing God. Again, their entire plan is disguised with deliberate equivocation, for “diversity” is their code word to make their agenda palatable to the ingenuous among us who fail to recognize the purposeful equivocation. Lamentably, the ingenuous among us includes most people. And the diversocrats’ design in exploiting “diversity” has been to render any argument with the rest of us, who have caught on to their agenda, a dispute passed off as a squabble over semantics or worse, a devilish opportunity to charge opponents of their agenda as opponents of real diversity—racism, bigotry, sexism, etc. Of course, the same is true with those who have chosen to identify their agendas “Green” and “Sustainability,” as though we who oppose their agenda crave filthy drinking water, desire toxic waste to foul the earth, want noxious fumes to fill the air we breath, eagerly wish for the earth to heat up to kill off millions of people, and long for the oceans to rise to drown out millions more. Being a conservationist, as I have been my whole life, is not acceptable to Greenies and Sustainabilocrats, for my conservationism is born out of my Christian faith which is antithetical to the innate paganism that energizes the Green Movement and Sustainability Movement.

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