Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Interview with T. David Gordon, Media Ecologist

I have greatly appreciated various writings by T. David Gordon, Professor of Religion at Grove City College. Two of his recent books are Why Johnny Can’t Preach and Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns.

If you appreciate Neil Postman’s work as a “media ecologist,” you will find the following interview with T. David Gordon, hosted by Al Mohler, a continuation of Postman’s work.

Media Ecology and the Modern Mind: A Conversation with T. David Gordon.

Mohler: Well, when you start thinking about the child who now say is born in the year 2011 and comes to life as a part of the digital revolution such that he or she genuinely is a digital native in the way we now describe frankly teenagers and those in their early twenties but you can imagine that this child could pass through in the age of the laptop, and now the tablet, and the smart phone, and all the rest without ever learning to read or to write in terms of the classic expectations of reading and writing.

Gordon: In the last three years Dr. Mohler, several of my colleagues and I have noticed that if we give an essay portion of an examination some of our students cannot handle it because they literally don’t have the handwriting skills to write an answer. They simply cannot do it.

Mohler: Yeah they don’t have the experience.

Gordon: That’s right they simply, it used to be that we occasionally encounter someone with which we called poor penmanship but some of the students now have virtually no penmanship.

For anyone who wants to access the interview but would prefer to hear it rather than read it, click on this link, Media Ecology and the Modern Mind: A Conversation with T. David Gordon.

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