Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Christian Smith Meets Robert Gundry. Smithereens!

I had intended to write a review of Christian Smith's The Bible Made Impossible: Why Biblicism Is Not a Truly Evangelical Reading of Scripture. However, now that senior evangelical statesman, Robert Gundry has done so and very well, anything I might have said is rendered superfluous. Read Gundry's superb review, Smithereens!, in Books & Culture.

Peter Leithart also has offered a review of Smith's book at First Things.

Kevin DeYoung offers a surrejoinder to Smith's rejoinder to his initial critique of the book.


Christian Smith said...

Not so fast. See my reply to Gundry in the next print issue.

abcaneday said...

Just so you know, I have actually read your book, and I believe, with understanding.

I will be eager to read your reply to Robert Gundry.

Thanks for stopping by.