Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall 2011 Issue of JSPL

Table of Contents: JSPL 1.2 Fall 2011


Citizenship and Empire: Paul's Letter to the Philippians and Eric Liddell's Work in China 137
Lynn H. Cohick

Judgment, Behavior, and Justification according to Paul's Gospel in Romans 2 153
A. B. Caneday

Why Spain? Paul and His Mission Plans 193
Allan Chapple

To Fall Short or Lack the Glory of God? The Translation and Implications of Romans 3:23 213
Steven E. Enderlein

Review Article: The Blackwell Companion to Paul and the Current State of Pauline Studies 225
Nijay K. Gupta

Review Article: How Should We Reconstruct the Historical Paul? Thomas E. Phillips's Paul, His Letters, and Acts 229
Sean A. Adams

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