Monday, March 14, 2011

A Rising Young Scholar

Mar. 10—Northwestern alum Joshua Jipp ’01 recently received a faculty appointment at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS), one of the nation’s most respected and prestigious evangelical seminaries. His position within the New Testament department will begin in January 2012.

“I'm excited to be at an institution which places both a high value on the study, proclamation, and embodiment of the Word of God and also is seeking ways to contextualize the Word of God locally and globally in a changing and complex world,” said Jipp.

He will be teaching three courses each semester including Greek Exegesis of Colossians, Exposition of Acts (English Bible), and History of the Interpretation of the New Testament.

“Mostly, I'm just thankful to do what I love,” added Jipp. “To do what I believe God has called and gifted me to do, and join God in his mission in the world in teaching and training ministers of the Word and leaders within the church.”

Jipp is currently working on his dissertation at Emory University and will graduate next spring (2012). He plans to defend his dissertation this fall. His dissertation is on the role of hospitality to strangers within the ancient Mediterranean world with special attention to its role and function within Luke-Acts. He notes that within Luke-Acts hospitality is a sign, almost a symbol on par with faith, that one accepts the person and message of the journeying Lord (esp. Luke 9-19) and the word of the journeying apostles.

Jipp received his M.Div from TEDS where he met his wife Amber (who also did an M.Div concurrently). She is currently team leader with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Emory. They currently reside in Atlanta and are expecting their first child in early June.

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