Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trouble at Our College

Early in December I posted "Response to a Scurrilous Accusation," without offering any further comments upon the conflicts that presently grip our college. I offer this note simply as a news item without commentary and without entering into the fray in any public way. I leave public commentary to others, just as I leave the issues to faculty colleagues who are in leadership roles at our college.

You can read numerous documents concerning the conflict at
Friends of Northwestern College & Radio and at NWC Responds. Read the documents and the linked documents with care, and you will be able to discern for yourself what the principal issue is, where the source of the conflict lies, and what the solution to the conflict should be.

Now I know that later during the same week that I posted "Response to a Scurrilous Accusation" a prominent alumnus, Dallas Jenkins who is a film maker in Hollywood and who was named Alumnus of the Decade (1990s) by the college, presented his second letter (Alumni & Donor Letter to NWC Leadership, December 11, 2008) to the Chair of the Board of Trustees at the December Board meeting. The Board Chair purports to be offering his response to the receipt of Dallas Jenkins's letter at NWC Responds.

A recent issue of Christianity Today magazine published "Northwestern Tempest", a slightly modified version of its earlier online version here. In response to elements of the published article, Pastor Galen Call, now a former member of the Board of Trustees after being dismissed in June 2008, submitted a Letter to the Editor of Christianity Today, January 6, 2009 to correct what he identifies as misstatements in the story.

You may follow
the story here as it continues to unfold. For the latest on the situation check out the new internet pages at and enter the user name: northwestern, and the password: truth.

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