Monday, October 25, 2010

For What It's Worth: Be Wary of Canterbury Who's Who Registry

First, you may have heard of the Manchester Who's Who Registry. Then you may have heard of the Cambridge Who's Who Registry, which now features Donald Trump, Jr. on its web page. Today I received a solicitation from Canterbury Who's Who Registry, which my e-mail filter dumped into the junk box. I checked it out. It is like the Cambridge Who's Who Registry. Take a look here to see how others are calling it a scam, not just SPAM. It may not be categorized as a "legal scam," however. For explanation, read here. These solicitations do, however, appeal to an individual's vanity. They operate on the enticing thought of being listed in a prestigious sounding registry. Also read this Business & Finance posting.

If you do a Google search for Manchester Who's Who Registry, Cambridge Who's Who Registry, or Canterbury Who's Who Registry, the top link is always the same, which Cambridge Who's Who Registry.

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