Monday, January 16, 2012

The Least Tolerant People on Campus are Liberals. They're Never Liberal with Tolerance toward Conservatives.

by Katherine Kersten

What was Tom Emmer thinking when he applied for a faculty position at Hamline University? Surely he knows that our campus intelligentsia generally view conservatives like him as knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.

At many campuses, Emmer might have made it to the second round of interviews if he had been a disabled "person of color" or confused about his sexuality. But even then he probably couldn't have overcome the cardinal rule of campus "diversity"—diversity of political views will not be tolerated.
Given his rejection by Hamline (after he thought he had a job), Emmer might be pleased to know that some aspiring conservative faculty members who are victims of political discrimination are gaining new traction through the courts.

Take Teresa Wagner, whose case was recently considered by the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, which has jurisdiction over Iowa, Minnesota and other Midwestern states.
Some might question Wagner's sanity, since she applied—and was turned down for—a position at a law school whose 50-member faculty includes only one registered Republican.

Was this hotbed of liberalism Berkeley, or an Ivy League university where (one suspects) conservatives risk being burned at the stake?

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Pilgrim said...

I'm actually not shocked that this was in Iowa. The academic mafia there are rabidly anti-God, anti-American, even moreso than in MN. The chair of the religious studies dept. at ISU is an atheist who fronted a successful campaign to deny tenure to a top-shelf physics prof (Gonzales) who wrote excellently for "intelligent design." I think there are two things at play in Iowa:
1. Like the Clintons in Arkansas, the atheists/communists see corn-fed Iowa rubes ripe for the plucking, and thus have infested the public institutions of Iowa
2. Native Lefties in Iowa have an inferiority complex relative to liberal Minnesota, which leads them to be extra stupid in their behavior.