Saturday, March 03, 2012

President Obama's Mandate Assaults Freedom of Conscience for All Americans, Not Just for Catholics

Because I am a professor at a private Christian college I have done my own research whether President Obama's mandate concerning birth control and abortifacient pills affects our college and sister colleges (CCCU institutions). Many of my colleagues in the college where I teach and in sister colleges may not be aware that President Obama's birth control and abortifacient mandate affects all Christian colleges, not just Catholic colleges, universities, and social service agencies. Do not accept the media's portrayal of this as a "Catholic thing." It is not so. It affects all Christian colleges, universities, and social service agencies, Catholic or Protestant.

Here is a link that makes this crucial point that President Obama's mandate is not just an anti-"Catholic thing."


More than 100 Catholic bishops and institutions across the nation have issued statements denouncing the Obama administration's national requirement to include contraception in employees' health benefits. The Affordable Care Act mandates faith-based employers offer employees’ health coverage that inc...

The Obama administration is facing yet another lawsuit related to the controvers...ial mandate President Barack Obama put in place that requires religious employers to pay for coverage for birth control and drugs that may cause abortions.

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Unknown said...

I agree with your stand and insights of Pres. Obama's mandate. If only we all Christians unite in this issue perhaps we can do something for this. Let us also include in our prayers all leaders in the world with same health programs of President Obama.